Where the big action is – 4H

This is a short one. Over the last 3 years I’ve come to appreciate – and more so in the last year – that the really big action is on the 4H time frame.  Yes – for sure there is even bigger action on the daily (1D) time frame on lots of markets/charts. But 4H is where most of it happens.

4H is also a good time frame for new traders and seasoned traders – not necessarily for making profit, but also to see the big price movements. As a new trader you could could snatch a few pips in lower time frames, limited by your account size – and that’s fine.

What I am saying is respect the 4H. I can’t give a reason why 4H seems to show up consistently bigger movements in the markets. Jokingly – perhaps that’s the minimum amount of sleep traders can get in order to function at a basic level. LOL! It doesn’t really matter ‘why’ 4H is powerful. The important thing is to look at it for yourselves.

What I am saying is if you spot a big breakout on 4H, then it’s likely to continue for a while. That may be useful if you’re limited to trading 2H or 1H. The chart below is only one example. By all means look at similar 4H breakouts, it could be valuable to those learning on lower time frames on any chart/instrument.






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