These are some expected Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our site and our expected responses. In the first few FAQs we deal with our main commitment.

Q: What are you selling?

A: Nothing!

Q: What’s the catch?

A: We don’t know of a catch. How can there be a catch if we want nothing from you and we’re not even offering anything other than some ideas to think about.

Q: So you’re doing this from the goodness of your heart?

A: Yes – is that not okay?

Q: But are you going to monetize the site?

A: There is no plan to monetize the site. If ever a membership scheme is introduced, it may be an optional donation scheme. The aim of the site is to go against the trend of many other sites out there that charge people a fee and profit from them. We feel that underprivileged people without funds should have a fat chance to improve their financial situations by taking no money at all out of their pockets (or anybody’s pockets).

Q. Are you saying this is forever free?

A. Yes!! We committed to this here when we became totally sickened.

Q: But are you going to monetize another site related to this one?

A: Look – we need to be clear on this. We are not interested in taking money from anybody at all – ever. Can we leave this alone now. Not everybody is a scammer – even if you don’t believe it.

Q: So how do I get in?

A: Only very select persons via private contacts are allowed in.

Q. I got in via a private recommendation but see no activity from members. In fact there is almost nobody out here. Why? 

A. Read this FAQ more carefully and it should become obvious to you why. Or you can skip to the last question answered on this page which probably tells it all. We don’t care for numbers and followings.

Q: Are you pushing a get-rich-quick scheme?

A: No – we’re not pushing. It turns out to be a get-poor-quick scheme for a majority. Financial trading of any kind involves substantial risks. You can jump in on trading and hope to get rich in short time, but your chances of getting poor quickly are significantly higher. We don’t mince our words.

Q: Huh? That’s mad – isn’t it? Who the devil wants any of that?

A: Nobody! The reality is that most people who come to financial trading, are secretly to themselves hoping to get rich pretty fast. The associated reality is that most of them who try it out will get poor(er) rather quickly – because they jump in with real money first hoping for the best, then they lose a lot. Now that’s mad – isn’t it?

Q: So what’s the point of pushing that then?

A: We’re not pushing. Look above. People who come to understand what’s going on after much effort and study (in risk free environments) are at significantly better odds of becoming consistently profitable over a long period of time e.g. 2 to 10 years.

Q: Will you sell me anything?

A: No chance. So to be 200% clear we will never sell you anything from this site. Any adverts – if ever they appear are not ours and you purchase if you so chose from whoever else. But it’s not us, you’d be buying from. And adverts don’t mean we’re selling you their stuff and/or taking a cut. We answered all this above.

Q: Do you give advice?

A: Sort of but it’s mostly about what you shouldn’t do. Any advice or perceived advice for the positive, comes with no warranties or guarantees. Your losses are yours and yours alone. We always say, “Sue yourself if you lose!” – just to bring home the point as bluntly as possible.

Q: Do you give trading tips?

A: No. We may give some trading ideas. If you lose your money trading, sue yourself. There is a forum where traders who join may share their tips. However, we take no responsibility for your losses if those tips don’t work or if you lose your money following them.

Q: But that’s not fair is it?

A: It is very fair – because nobody can predict with accuracy what markets will do. The markets are there to punish you. And we’re not here to encourage you in anything that causes you to lose your money. We’re here to help people gain new insights. If they wish to learn more we expect only about 0.01% to be self-driven to learn more.

Q: Do you do coaching?

A: No.

Q: Do you help people?

A: We help but in a different way to help you will find elsewhere. We provide ideas and opportunities for further development.

Q: What does that mean!!?

A: You will find no spoon-feeding here. This site is not going to do like other sites – that show you every nut and bolt – and expect something of you. Nothing is expected of you. The help provided is limited to motivation and stimulating new traders to learn more. We believe that spoon-feeding is nonsense and that sort of approach does not help select traders who will be successful.

Q: But how do you know who will be successful?

A: It’s not possible to know that. However, it’s possible to know that in this business where approximately on 0.0001% of those who flirt with financial trading, will be successful, that attitude and personality are the core distinguishing factors. Those who expect to have their hands held will find this site very unhelpful. We think that’s fine – and that they can move on rapidly.

Q: But I’m a busy person – how can I do trading?

A: Time is your greatest enemy. This is probably not for you. If a trusted best friend of yours won the Euromillions Jackpot, and called you up  at 3:00AM, on a cold winter’s night and says, “Come over now – I want give you £1 Million pounds but you gotta come now. Don’t ask silly questons.. just come now!“, we think you’d find the time, energy an means to get there promptly. Time is about priority, importance, and motivation (among other things).

Q: Do you do courses?

A: No. Courses are for horses. We don’t believe that courses work to make people profitable. Courses are out there aplenty. You find them by befriending Google. Courses are largely for people who are not self-directed. All that you need to know is available on the internet for free. Courses may show you the bare bones, but they won’t give you the ability to make the best decisions and judgement. That stuff is about you and you alone.

Q: But do you provide training?

A: No. You train yourself. That you’re asking this probably means financial trading is not for you.

Q: Do you do teachings and tutorials?

A. No. Same as above. We don’t believe in teachings and tutorials.

Q: Why?

A: Our basic philosophy is that teachings and tutorials set people on a particular chosen or pre-defined path. We don’t believe in pushing our views on people about what ought to be done. All traders can gain knowledge, here at this site and elsewhere, without formal teachings and tutorials. We believe firmly in self-directed learning and we’re not deviating from that – at all. We may provide the basics of knowledge and shared experience, but that’s not meant to be teachings.

Q: So what do you actually do?

A: We share ideas only and aim to demotivate most people. For a minority of people our ideas will be taken as motivational. We don’t care for a following, or ‘thumbs ups’,or site ratings, followings, subscriptions or hit numbers etc.

Q: What!! Demotivate?

A: Yes – demotivate – those who would part with their money stupidly! We really don’t want anybody to lose their money. And that’s another reason why demo or paper trading is highly recommended to new traders.

Q: How does that work?

A: We’re not in the business of convincing anybody to do anything.  You’re totally in control – and that’s what trading is about. New traders need to demonstrate profitability consistently on demo accounts before launching into live accounts. We recommend Edgewonk journaling, so that new traders can self-assess their expectancy over several hundred demo trades. [We are not affiliated or associated with Edgewonk and get no cut from them.]

Q: Why are you all so rude or blunt?

A: We’re as rude and blunt as the markets are. If you wanna play with the big boys, grow up and learn to face reality. Reality is a hard place – and we’re not here to mollycoddle anybody. If/when the markets bite you in the arse (ass if you’re American), that’s a seriously rude reality check. Toughen up now or clear off.


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