Better than a million minds

Are you better than a million minds? The chart below shows the recent extreme volatility on Wall Street. Millions of minds are into this ‘game’ of stocks/shares. They all want one important thing: profit on their positions.

High volatility on Wall Street

We don’t know these people (obviously); how can we. Yes – their interests may be represented by brokers in the stock markets. Some of these folk are institutional investors – these are the ‘big boys’ with big financial muscle. You’re just some other trader out there who wants to go long or short in this market. So, what have you got that they haven’t? Have you got an edge over them? How do you cope with the volatility? Can you stand to risk and lose between £500 – £1000 in a 4 hour slot?

Well you could have an edge if you spot the right entry and exit points. Did you spot head and shoulders patterns in there? They are there. But even if you spot them, how do you play this? What is the trend? What is the probability? Which time frame to rely on?

Before doing anything one must be prepared to lose, in order to win: i.e. ‘no risk, no gain‘. [ does not give tips on how to trade; we’re not a signals service.]

It is for each trader to know or develop their own strategies for coping with this sort of chaos. Those who have trained hard; developed their strategies well over the years can cope with this. Those who depend on luck are silly and would best stay out of this.

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