Turning the corner – what people don’t get and why

Well, well… what’s this all about now. I’m afraid you’ll have to read on. And if your dog needs a bath (and I don’t know if you who reads this has a dog and I couldn’t care less), then go bathe the dog! If you have time, look below at results of a true change in performance following a change of strategy.


Some time ago Newtrader.club said to all new traders that change takes time and determination. None of us can change the markets – so it is fundamentally about personal change/adaptation in order to manage chaos. When people laughed at Dan Zanger, he had to keep his head low. Who’s having the laugh last now?

The chart above shows a trend change. Yes – it’s an early one for that new trader (who remains nameless). Why does it matter who s/he is? That knowledge changes nothing. Clearly the markets have been doing their dance of chaos as they have done for decades. But the trader is doing something different about that chaos.

Now for your lecture – which will be as brutal (or more) than the markets will be to you. And a lot of people will be put off and not see the relevance to trading. See your FAQ.

What do many people want but don’t get quickly enough?

  1. Better jobs
  2. Better lives
  3. Better partners
  4. Better food, clothes, cars, phones etc.
  5. More money

– and the list could go on forever. I’m not talking about non-physical things. Just to sort out the idiots, who would do the sing-song about, “Well some things you just can’t have.., it is fully accept that there are things that are unreachable or unobtainable because nearly everything has limits that are insurmountable. But most people never really get near the ‘limits’.

Newtrader.club often hears about responses to independent sources of income on the internet and in real life. Income is extremely important – and if you don’t think so, then you can kindly look away and save yourself much time, disappointment and angst.

People know what they want and what they can have, however they make a set of important mistakes:

  1. Not properly assessing how to achieve what they want.
  2. Expecting rather unconsciously – hoping that is – that it’ll just get better by itself. Yuh know, ‘the Gods will take care of it’ because they’re good people. And God or somebody of that nature will bless them one day. Even non-believers in Gods or fake believers think along those lines. Or that ‘if I keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll get better at it and my life will improve.
  3. Not working – or even hard enough – at something to make it happen.
  4. Not finding the time to make change. Everybody I know says something like, “I just can’t find the time at the moment with work and all but maybe things will improve.. and I’ll do more”.
  5. Avoiding risk – nobody likes risk. Everybody wants reward for very minimal risk. That’s why people put money in the banks and in TESSAs, ISAs and pensions etc. They know they put in so much and they’ll get out what roughly what it says on the paper (contract or whatever). But really?
  6. They dislike failure. Sure nobody wants to be a failure. But failing means to them, at least momentarily, that they’re failures. If there’s a light source (usually a bulb) of some sort in your room, turn it on. Look at it. Even if it’s an LED light bulb, know that the original light bulb came into existence only because a single man was willing to fail a few thousand times in developing it. Who’s that? Google is your friend. Why are you still here? Some will probably next ask a foolish question like, “So how many times does a person have to try and fail before reaching success?” How the devil would Newtrader.club know?
  7. People accept their status quo and that around them. Hence all of the above becomes irrelevant. They resign to staying on the treadmill that their sorry life histories have put them on – at whatever speed or lack of direction that is. Yes – there are people limited by various disabilities of body and mind – and Newtrade.club is not talking about them.
  8. The above brings us to self-justification for the status quo. So – it’s not just about acceptance. It’s about people arguing why things have to stay the way they are personally, because of their individual histories and their prevailing circumstances.

If you’re still here – whoever you are – is any of the above really so untrue? Well, the truth is a very unsympathetic ‘animal’ – it’ll bite you in the ass (arse if you’re English), and grin at you. By now, somebody is thinking, “Why the devil is he going on about this? Do I really need this!!!?” You don’t and you can move on. This site is for those who want the honest truth and that truth is that ‘You are your own problem, most of the time.’ Newtrader.club does not offer people solutions – it attempts to bring realisation. The rest is up to individuals.

Some time ago we visited a story on Alessio Rastani: Too honest to be true. Yes – many a new trader has been struggling to gain skill and knowledge of the kind Rastani was alluding to. Some of the most determined traders have worked 18 hours per day. People around them would have thought, “He’s mad.. I hope he doesn’t lose all his money…” – even if they didn’t say that.

Rastani is a man who is bright, articulate, clear and focused. “Ooooh… he was born with a gift..not everybody is like him…” it’s imaginable that some on an idiot bandwagon are saying something like that. God made him unequal – and better than you then? Whoops .. you better hold your god to account. Why the devil were you not born with that gift then? Why have you been treated unequally by god?

Rastani has demonstrated the following characteristics:

  1. Willing to risk dropping out of dentistry school.
  2. Willing to persevere to become a lawyer and give that up (BTW – giving all that up was not in sync with his parental expectations).
  3. Determined to do something different to find his independence.
  4. Working hard at it to gain knowledge, skill and experience – and taking calculated risks.
  5. Taking failures in his stride.
  6. Doing all the opposites of the mistakes outlined above, that people commonly make.
  7. And now – he’s willing to share his knowledge and experience for free with everyone.

We know the spiel – “everybody can’t become a trader – can they?”. Oops – did anyone say that ‘everybody has to become a trader?’ What we do say, is that the set of mistakes outlined (an incomplete list) is what people continue to make and that is what holds them back. These are all mistakes in the mind.

Not everybody has to make millions and be rich. No – we can’t tell you how to find time and do all that you need to do to sort your life out. You want people to find solutions for your life – especially those like us who tell you that what you’re doing is wrong – right? That’s your sorry state of dependence on others finding the solutions for you, that has you thinking like that. Right – you’ve had enough insults or today – innit. Go cure yourself. That dog is suffering for a bath. That’s all for today.






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