Mission Impossible – early notice.

What if there was a way to take money out of the markets (legally of course) without  having to figure anything?! That must be the ‘Holy Grail’, some will say! And others will say IMPOSSIBLE!! And if you found the Impossible, would you share it? I don’t think so.

Newtrader is investigating just such a Holy Grail. Yes – this is Mission Impossible! It starts with the chart below (which you click on to see a larger view). It shows an equity growth on 4 trades between 15th and 30th December 2016. Of course, this is just a snapshot – and we don’t intend to show the whole of the Holy Grail here. And no, the Holy Grail is not for sale – as we said we sell nothing, ever!! Did we say that this never lost money? No we did not!



Do we say that it’s perfect? No we do not!. So what do we say? We say:

  1. It is possible to remove human psychology from the whole business of trading for profit.
  2. We say it is possible to remove most human interaction in the markets and make money.
  3. We say that there is an emotion-less mathematical method of maximising gains and limiting losses.

Who is Newtrader?” some will ask. It’s a site driven by some who refuse to believe that what humans do efficiently in successful trading, cannot be replicated by a mathematical process. We are nobody! Nobody has heard of us. And we accept all jeering from the crowds because we have the evidence and the crowds do not!  Yes – we know many have said they’ve found the Holy Grail.

So what’s next? Nothing. We offer two options. You can look at a countdown for Mission Impossible

Your real Mission Impossible should you choose to accept it, is to study Prorealtime which can help you to find your own Holy Grail. This message will not self-destruct in 10 seconds!!







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