Blood bath on Wall Street?

For those who have been watching the US30 or the SPY or the DJI, there is some crazy stuff going on.

The on the night of the Trump victory, the bears mauled the bulls – as you can see on chart below. The bulls rebelled within hours. The market rallied to a new high. But all is not well for the bulls. This could turn out to be a blood bath! I’m not predicting anything. I’m looking at some very strange goings on.


I suspect that the reaction is a relief rally driven by greed and hope. The worlds markets are actually in chaos – as the global ponzi scheme orchestrated by central banks is about to collapse. Google and YouTube are your friends.

Just to be clear – again – I am not predicting what will happen. I’m saying that the whole setup looks very fishy and the true nature of the markets may unfold over the next few weeks.

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