Change takes time

Most trainers talk about discipline. In fact they over-emphasise discipline so much that it becomes a ‘pain’. But there is another aspect to discipline which involves pain. Remember ‘No pain, no gain’?

As a noob you really don’t appreciate that much what this ‘discipline’ is about. Well, the markets inflict their own callous discipline on noobs – that’s a different sort of pain. From that pain comes a newfound discipline.

‘Feelings’ about the market cause you to do rubbish. But feelings in terms of pain you receive for that rubbish is so important. So feelings are double-edged swords.

After much ‘pain’ and appreciation of what happens in markets, the last three days seem different. I’ve been learning a new ‘respect’ for the markets. See below. Note the relatively small losses in comparison to winnings. This is where I need to be and to maintain this.


I come to a better understanding of what ‘personal discipline’ is about. One realises just how wild the markets are. They don’t really ‘care’ about support/resistance levels, or RSI’s or even harmonic patterns. They simply don’t care!! They obey no set of rules except being unruly.

So how do you tame a wild thing. Well you don’t! Nobody can tame the markets. Through pain one comes to not just understand this, but to appreciate it!!

Understanding is a ‘cognitive’ thing. Appreciation is something deeper – and I can’t really find the words to explain that further. Hence I’ve  said repeatedly to all very newcomers, ‘Don’t try to understand too much – just interact and feel.‘ I’d say you need to feel the pain of the markets. That pain is what brings something better than understanding. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about understanding trading methodologies. I’m talking about appreciating market behaviours.

But as Mel Robins says above ‘your feelings could be screwing you’. Feel the pain, but use the pain to bring new discipline.

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