Williams Vix Fix on 2H charts

I’ve explored Williams Vix Fix on mainly 4H charts in the past. Over several weeks I’ve been looking at 2H charts to see if WVF works on these timeframes.

My observations are that in some situations they can be valuable. Of course, WVF requires careful attention to detail and interpretation. In general only signals coming from a deep pullback in price in an uptrend are reliable.

When you’re watching price unfolding, you can’t really know how deep a pullback to rely on. So – it’s a bit hit and miss. Therefore you can lose. But those losses are limited by a reasonable stop-loss.

The 2H picture on CADNOK is indicative – but I’ve also seen similar on other instruments. WVF is about trend following scenarios which involve higher risk but also much higher rewards in the long term.




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