What do I mean by ‘synthesis’? It’s about putting things together. Jeeeez – is that such a big word? So the pic below represents the result of synthesis.2015-11-13_21-05-47

Synthesis of what? The method of binary options and harmonic trading principles. Huh? With Binary Options you only need price to stay away from your entry point to make some dosh. If going long price must stay above your entry – if going short price must stay less than your entry point. Is that simple enuff?

In spreadbetting, you require price to hit a target that is some distance away from your entry point. Well, in Binary Options your only interest is price not defeating your entry point. In other words your entry point is your sort of automatic stop-loss. If

So it’s been beating me for some time; how do I reliably figure out that price will stay away from my entry point. Then it hit me harder on 12th Nov 2015. Harmonic trading is an excellent means of predicting price direction and magnitude. In the screenshot above I struggled to get my timing right. No problem. Nothing of any value in life is achieved without a struggle. Further study on 13th November led me to estimate my timings correctly.

Binary options expire in a certain amount of time that you determine before entry. By ‘expire’ I mean price must stay away from your entry point for normally between 5 min and a few hours. [In some cases it can be as little as 30 seconds and as much as 4 weeks.] Take a few deep breaths and avoid a panic attack! I don’t recommend very short or very long options – unless you really know what you’re doing.

Harmonic trading techniques allow us to make quite accurate assessments of price reversal. If you get that right, then why not apply it to Binary Options? I did – you see the results which I guarantee are 100% accurate.

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