Important books on Trading

In my post ‘Tools – not fools’, I left out books. At that time I had not read many good books on trading, so it was a terrible omission. I was preoccupied with learning from books that did mainly analyses of various sorts. I had focused less as most noobs do, on ‘trying to trade right’.

With hindsight, I realise that it’s not about ‘how to trade’ but more about the psychological aspects of trading than the mechanics of it. This is not to say that both are not important. What I am saying is that, whilst both are important psychology is the bigger issue.

In this post I focus on some books that cover both areas very well. Keep in mind that you don’t need to read tons of books to become good. Dan Zanger had only ever read two important books. So don’t expect a massive list. It’s also not about which book is best or better. It’s about what works for you.

Also this is not going to be a post that reviews books.

trading in the zone

Trading in the Zone – by Mark Douglas –

how to make money in stocks

How to make money in stocks – by William J. O’Neil –

Harmonic Trading Vol 1 – Scott Carney

Harmonic Trading Vol 2 – Scott CarneyVolume 2


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