Totally sickened

I’m totally sickened by the fact that many so-called expert traders (self-proclaimed) have monetised their various websites by charging a fee for memberships or selling courses etc. I do not mean attracting income from advertising of independent sources.

Some sites advertise and take a cut from advertisers if members sign up to various services/opportunities.

I’ve seen this phenomenon so many times. What is it with the so-called pros? If you’re making tons of dosh with your trading, I really can’t see the need to charge whatever for giving freely of your expertise, to new traders!! Do you really need the money that much relative to your earnings? I’ll never get a straight answer – I expect.

Financial trading of it’s various types is that which can free average people who are sufficiently motivated to get on the path. Why should financial obstacles be put in their way? I just can’t see it.

This site will aim to help ordinary people to get on the path. Most of those people will be unable to pay for courses, trainings, and materials – as offered by the good and great. Yes – along the way there will always be people who are not of the required mind set to get on with trading. But that doesn’t mean that we need to discriminate on the grounds of their ability to pay! Hopefuls should and can be weeded out on criteria that are not related to their ability to pay for information or some course or the other.

Look, if I was to be earning £1 million a year on trading (or a significant fraction of that), why would I need to extract any more money from the underprivileged. I just can’t see it at the moment. I hope I never see it. Perhaps the so-called expert is not really an expert, at all.

So to draw a clear line in the sand, it is the commitment of

  1. Never to seek a paid membership from members.
  2. Never to seek pecuniary advantage by selling services or other things to members from any source.
  3. When we say free and no obligation, we mean that FOREVER.





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