Like playing rock guitar – Cesar Huesca

This could well be about playing piano or any other musical instrument.

Trading is about developing a passion, persistence, pressing forward, practicing, making mistakes, living your dream. The same goes for those who excel and music. I only came across Cesar Huesca  by accident on YouTube. Other than that, I don’t know the guy from Adam! His interview struck a ‘chord’ in relation to trading. It’s the same steps to becoming an expert successful trader!!  I’ll say no more.

Those who are interested can listen to his interview or just listen to some of his music (or not). It’s so good you might think initially it’s a fake. But then you look at his fingers and listen to the notes and you see it’s in near perfect timing. Even if it is just a good cover, it’s very well done.

Sure, there are loads of people like him out there on YouTube. I bet that you’re not one of them though. Learning to play a musical instrument to a high standard is not easy. What does it take? – should be your question. How does it become second nature? Think.









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