Gifted or not?

There are some truly exceptional expert traders out there. Dan Zanger is such a person. He’s turned 10K into 18Million in 18 months. I shan’t be giving a list of similar persons. Google is your friend.

Many a struggling trader will say or think to themselves, “These people are just gifted; it’s in their genes!” or words to that effect. Look, whilst some say that the Gods have created us all equally, the facts of the matter are that some people are born less gifted than others.

So does that mean that people of average intellectual capacity can’t do what the likes of Zanger has done? I shout NO!! If Zanger was born with a particular aptitude that gave him an edge in trading markets, it doesn’t mean that a person of average intelligence can’t work harder to acquire his ability. It may take extreme effort and more time, but it’s not impossible. The big issue is whether, you’re willing to work hard enough to acquire that which Zanger was gifted with (and actually I don’t think he was gifted -but I’m not into a debate on that).

An historic experiment was carried out where people of average intelligence – having no knowledge of trading – were turned into successful traders. See: Turtle traders. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that a person with an IQ of 40 or a brain damaged person can be made to trade profitably. I’m talking about people of average intelligence.

Defeatism is one of the big things that leads to new traders walking away. If you tell yourself that you can’t do it – that’s it! The door is closed – the mind is closed. If you say something different, such as, “It’s taking me longer than those who are ‘gifted’ to learn this but I will persevere in a risk free environment – but I ain’t giving up!” – then there are possibilities.

This is a short one. See what Zanger has said in the introduction to a recent article in Stocks & Commodities Magazine [Sept 2015]. All you have to do is melt your demo account five times!! What’s stopping you?! Do it!! LOL!






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