Fractals – another arrow for your bow.

Fractal indicators are interesting and add to your tool box. When and how they’re used is entirely up to each individual trader. This post is not to say that ‘they’re good or the best’ or anything like that.

When you study your ‘prey’ you may decide that you need certain types of ammunition and equipment for the ‘kill’. You are the boss of you, so you decide what you’ll use and how you’ll use your weaponry. The larger your stash of ammo the better off you are – is my personal philosophy. Of course people who get confused easily need smaller stashes of ammo.

There is no script or general formula to tell anyone when to use which ‘weapons’ or ‘tools’. Nobody tells a sniper in the bush that, ‘you’ve got to use A, B and C weapons’ – the sniper decides based on his/her knowledge, skill and experience.

See the two video’s below  – which require much study and repetition to grasp the idea. Fractal indictors are available for free on Tradingview.





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