Day: 16 August 2015


Interesting situation with ULTA

ULTA is a powerful stock – very similar to Disney. ULTA has been disrespecting Wall Street for some time and even recently. [Missed opportunity for a snipe in second pic below – learning from this. The first annotation shows that a snipe was possible. The difficulty was locating the opportunity. The second pic shows how it could have been done.] However, the bullishness on the stock could be coming to an end. The analysis belowRead More

What happened with Disney?

Disney was a learning lesson for me. I lost going long at the Earnings Release – limited of course by my stop-loss. This analysis is about learning lessons – and about a possible opportunity to go long again (subject as always to the SYP). In summary: 1. Disney being a strong performer had always jumped higher on a majority of Earnings Releases. 2. It was natural to go long again. 3. However, even as DisneyRead More