Day: 22 July 2015


Basic concept of leveraging

Spreadbetting is about leveraging*. In spreadbetting a bet may be  only £1.  What does that mean in real terms? A share can be worth £50 today on the stock market but on leveraging platforms it may appear as 5000 points (bear in mind that I’m only using the word ‘share’ conveniently because you don’t own anything with spreadbets). When you buy a single share on the stock market you pay only £50 and that’s itRead More

Stalking Skyworks Solutions Inc

Skyworks is a uniquely strong equity. Overall the indications are that there is probably going to be a bounce up on the Earnings Release on 23rd July 2015. This is not a trading tip. If you play this and lose real money, you do as we always say – ‘Sue yourself’.  

Introduction to MACD

MACD is a useful indicator in many situations. As always it ought not to be used on it’s own to make decisions about probabilities of price movement. It is like most indicators, a lagging indicator. That means that it looks back (all any indicator can do) at price and gives a representation of what was happening. Only you can decide what may happen next – not the MACD, any other indicator, or any combination ofRead More