Month: June 2015


Winning more on demos?

There’s a curious situation that can arise where, you begin winning more on demo accounts than on live accounts, and it has been bugging me. The screenshot below is from my demo account and it should be obvious why this is bugging me. BTW I’m not just talking about the sums of money won – I’m also talking about overall profits. But before I forget, it’s important to recognise that when you begin wining onRead More

Stalking ADOBE

Ignore most of the wavy lines on the chart below (click to get larger view). Importantly, most of the time following an earnings release on ADOBE, price has jumped. And that pattern is just about right for an earnings release (ER) play. Price doesn’t have to stay up – remember the ideas is to take the money and run like a thief in thuh night!! LOL. The earnings release is on 16th June 2015. I’veRead More


Look at COSTAR in immediate chart below. See: Stalking COSTAR – again. 4H chart below Compare with COSTAR at 2015-05-20 (below).


It’s easy to spot a trendline on the weekly chart below of United Natural. Of course, no instrument is obliged to follow a trendline! This may not be an ideal one but I put it in the scope for the value of experience only. Analysis on the daily charts for this one shows that price tends to fall at earnings releases. So, this is not an Earnings Release play. Favourable features: 1. Fairly undersold onRead More

Indecent proposal

I’m very much a student of human nature. That often leads me to conversations with people on all sorts of things. My story today is motivated by a few things this week. Firstly I had yet another brief conversation with a taxi driver. He took me from home to my local train station. I was on my way into London from where I’m writing this – in a hotel room. I’m working in London thisRead More