Honing my strategies [ER strategy updated]

It’s taking some time but I’m observing what I do and what I ought to do be doing more. Strategies are things in evolution. I’m still preoccupied with Earnings Releases (ER) because it is one time when share price can jump even when Wall Street or the DAX (GER30) are generally down.

As mentioned in earlier posts, there is an effect of the stock indices on consumer confidence in buying shares (and I remind all noobs that spreadbetting is not about buying shares; that we depend on share price but we don’t get involved in ownership of shares). Most of the big shares like Apple and 3M tend to closely follow Wall Street (or vice versa). However, when in comes to a favourable ER, price disrespects any dampening effect of Wall Street.

So it seems to me to make sense to re-iteratively hone a strategy for ERs – because if it can be improved, that’s a good earner. A strategy of course is the grand plan – simply following it doesn’t guarantee more profits as so many other things are important for overall profitability. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge.



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