Day: 14 June 2015


Stalking CADNOK

CADNOK is an exotic currency pair. It’s approaching an interesting level at the moment. The chart below shows some possible projections. Just to be clear, if price falls where I think it could, that doesn’t mean I’ll simply enter long. The 4H charts on CADNOK tend to show a pattern to bounce when prices goes rapidly from upper to lower band of the 2SD Bollinger bands.

The ‘fishing net’ idea

I’ve referred to this in passing, so I thought I’d define it more clearly. The ‘fishing net’ is a term used analogously to a real fishing net. When a fisherman goes out to sea his net may be of a certain type. He doesn’t expect to catch every fish. Different mesh sizes means that he’ll catch fish only over a certain size. In trading terms I’m setting up my strategies to do similar. Like theRead More