Stalking ADOBE

Ignore most of the wavy lines on the chart below (click to get larger view).

Importantly, most of the time following an earnings release on ADOBE, price has jumped. And that pattern is just about right for an earnings release (ER) play. Price doesn’t have to stay up – remember the ideas is to take the money and run like a thief in thuh night!! LOL.

The earnings release is on 16th June 2015. I’ve discovered from experience that where there is that characteristic fall in price before the ER, it’s best to get in with a decent stop-loss about 2 to 3 days before. So if I get in on this it’ll be probably be Thursday or Friday of this week. Entry on the day of the release is usually not successful for the near to the entry point desired. This is because of price slippage, due to electronic delays at the opening of the markets and difficulties getting position with an order in a ‘traffic jam’. [As always the SYP principle applies]


Screen Shot - ADOBE - 06-09-15 at 05.46 PM


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