Month: April 2015


Respect the indices

It’s been puzzling me for some time why some seemingly good shares don’t rebound or don’t rebound well. I think I’ve solved part of the puzzle. The charts below show the influence of the German DAX (Germany 30). Of course the influence is not direct or always consistent. Wall Street also has major influence (and not just on any one of the major top shares). In reality the aggregate effect of all shares is whatRead More

The money is not yours until you take it

The scenario below is only relevant to: Where your target has not been met. When your target has been exceeded. Yes – trailing stops do help –  and you can leave a trailing stop to make the decision, which would be ‘your decision’. But the point of this is to say that positive equity hides some important psychological issues and consequences – if you unknowingly allow psychology (i.e. emotions) to rule. You bailout too soon.Read More

A few possible snipes on the radar

The following are a few candidate snipes on my radar. There are several different ways to play these. The sue-yourself principle applies.

Stalking Microsoft

Microsoft is at an interesting point in it’s history. Price has reached some critical areas. Click thumbnail below to see more. I’ve not entered a trade on Microsoft as yet. I may do so. For noobs, yes price may fall – that’s always a possibility in this game. You’ve gotta be prepared to lose, and limit those losses, in order to win. But so far price looks probably like it may rise. So I’m stalkingRead More

Somebody to teach me

Can anybody teach you how to have a first major sexual experience? Chrysst! Do you go to mum or dad and say ‘teach me’? Does reading a book or video on it actually teach you much? I’m afraid this graphic example is only to suggest that you can read all about it – but doing it is another matter entirely. Beside knowledge about the ‘mechanics’ of it, you still gotta learn from experience how toRead More

A kind of trap

There are many traps out there. This one is typical. Don’t get caught up before an earnings release.

The Monsanto Snipe!

Results of the snipe are visible by clicking the thumbnail below. The assessment of this stock as a good snipe opportunity undertaken about a week earlier. I do not go into the whole process here. There were particular features of the personality of the Monsanto stock price chart, that led me to think it was a good hit. Not all the features are on the chart. The large chart is as it was on 23/03/2015.Read More