National Grid (snipe)–personality in stocks?

This is a snipe on the National Grid that is now in profit. In this particular stock (spread-betted on), I aim to show the ‘personality’ of the stock.

Well of course a stock can’t have a personality as such. By personality I obviously mean the collective mindsets of those involved in the market on this stock. As in real life, the personalities of people often predict how they might react. We often hear people saying things like, “Well, if I tell him [something or the other] I just know what he’d say.” How can anyone ‘know’ what another will say? They can’t really. Their statement, as if they know, is based on sound knowledge of how they expect the other person they know well, to react to being told something.

Similarly, I’ve been observing ‘personalities’ in certain stocks, and Forex pairs. When you know them through experience, you can make certain broad predictions. Those predictions will never be 100% accurate but you get a fairly good idea of how they will react. No this is not intuition!! It’s called hard work!

The two screenshots (clickable), show before and after. In the first shot of the National Grid, I identify certain features of how it behaves.

Screen Shot 03-12-15_national_grid_at 07.49 PM

I placed my bets based on my analysis. In the second shot below, days after, I think my prediction was reasonably accurate. As I’m ‘in the money’ I could opt to take profits at any time. Yes, price could have gone lower, but my stop-loss would have limited my losses. Remember this is a game that you can’t win, unless you’re prepared to lose.

All the wavy lines may lend to an emotion that this is rocket science. It isn’t nearly like that. The lines are there only to show up the ‘personality’ i.e. how is this thing behaving. In depth understanding of the wavy lines is not essential to learning the game.I certainly don’t have a deep understanding of the wavy lines. I only use them. Does a pilot need to understand how his plane’s engines or computers work, in order to fly the plane? I think not! People drive cars but most do not have detailed knowledge of how the engines of their cars work!

Screen Shot 03-18-15 _national_grid_at 03.46 PM

Screen Shot 03-19-15_national_grid_at 06.23 PM





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