The Hawaiian Holdings (HA) set up

This is analysis of Hawaiian Holdings (Airlines). Importantly the total collective psychology of investors is represented in the market at the snapshot.

Screen Shot 02-15-15 at 03.25_hawaiian_holdngs

The stock is pretty strong in it’s growth. Industry gurus are mixed about whether it should be a buy or a sell, though forecasts are favourable in the longer term. That’s okay, if one is buying and selling shares. However, spreadbetters only want to:

  1. Identify an opportunity
  2. Predict where price may go in the short to medium term.
  3. Decide if they want to wager.
  4. Excute a trade if they decide as above.

Spreadbetters hold no tangible assets (stocks) and can jump in and out of the ‘markets’ very nimbly. They don’t ‘love’ or become attached to stock or shares.


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