Too honest to be true

Alessio Rastani shook up awareness about banking and government  in 2011. His honesty was so good that he was accused of being a hoaxer.

Who is Alessio Rastani and why you haven’t heard of him before? I dunno why? Perhaps you’ve been too busy shopping, walking dogs, don’t spend time on that ‘evil thing’ called the internet – or you’re just an average jobbing simpleton. Tough!

In essence what Rastani said was that people can make money from market crashes and recessions. A lot of people might have seen his comments as insensitive – as insensitive as a carpenter saying, “I don’t care are about the trees, my job is to cut the lumber and make furniture out of them.” Very un-British – innit? So Rastani probably offended some people because he was interpreted as saying that he was making money or bent doing so, while others suffered. But he did not actually say that. He actually said that people can find out how to make money when there is a recession and that anybody can do it.

Of course what people want (in general) is free money, and to rely on traditional systems of investment to make their money. But in the backdrop of those traditional systems are a bunch of other folk who are actually making tons of money off those who are looking for better investments. Dare I say ‘bankers’. Rastani let the cat out of the bag, that traditional investments are there to feed off simpletons. Look – most people want to put their money in pensions, allow that to mature, take their money back after slaving for 30 or 40 years and say ‘thank you very much.. I’m proud to have worked so hard for it, I deserve it’. But what’s happening to the money in the background? And simpletons would say, “Who cares? Once I get my pension I’m happy”. The reality behind the curtains is that a bunch of folk in the know, are using that pension money that has been locked up to fatten themselves – very fat indeed. So it’s terribly unfair for people to say ‘I don’t care’, and then be offended by Rastani when he pulls back the curtains to expose the whole set up!

Rastani became something of an ‘internet sensation’ and was interviewed by David Frost thereafter. In fact loads of organisations were after him to find out more. What he had been saying was knowledge that was there in the public domain. It’s just that people weren’t looking for it because they can’t be bothered.

Rastani is no idiot. He was a lawyer. He’s very articulate and clear thinking. Good looking chap too.

To learn more see Rastani give an overview on how trading is done in video below (the image of the video looks similar to the above – but it is different).

And to get into ‘who Rastani’ is visit his site here: About Alesso Rastani.

Those who would say to themselves, “But I don’t have money to trade or even risk” just need to clear off and continue getting mugged by the big boys behind the curtain. Those who would say, “How do I gain the knowledge and skill to do what they do – I want to change sides” – then Google is your friend – not me! In a nutshell – no money is required to gain the knowledge and skill. Live trading can be started for as little as £250 – yes that’s it! But no one should start live trading without gaining the knowledge, skill and experience. Don’t tell me, someone expects me to spoon feed them how to do all that. Did I say I wasn’t your friend? Who is your friend? Google!





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