I’ve been thinking outside the box on Morrison’s (MRX).

This is not a recommendation for any one to trade on this (at this time).

The above is the whole overview of MRX over the years. Certainly from Feb 2014, it’s gone south big time. But I’m observing a few things on MRX: 1. It has recovered well from rough rides in the past. 2. Recently it’s popping close to the 200MA (daily chart). Closer view (click this):

3. The 100MA is beginning to flatten out. I think this is one to watch for the longer term for those who adhere to the ChrisChill system. But in any event it wouldn’t fit ChrisChill’s system if it simply popped above the 400MA tomorrow or next week (see his videos). So this is not a pick really or one that I would bet on.


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