Frequently at this site we will have referred to the ‘sue yourself principle‘ which is now abbreviated to SYP. This in it’s most simple form means you are totally responsible for your decisions and your losses – and are not to rely on any idea posted on this site.

It’s sad really that we have to be so blunt and sarcastic about it. As the owner of this site I’ve become fed up with long disclaimers which state the obvious, mainly for stupid people. We have no paternalistic responsibility for anybody out there. It is expected that people who visit and learn from this site are all adults of sound disposing mind, and we couldn’t cater for the mentally impaired, disabled or immature.

Financial trading of any kind involves substantial risk of losing money. This site promotes risk-free training on demo accounts. Therefore anybody who decides to throw real money at trading and loses, is totally on their own and responsible for their own actions and losses. That’s it. Could we be any more blunt about it?  We don’t think so.


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