Month: June 2016


Comparing instruments

We normally trade currency pairs such as GBPEUR, NZDUSD, USDJPY and EURUSD (among others). How do you tell which one of the pair is doing what? It’s not easy to determine because the currency pairs form a ratio. In NZDUSD, you can’t really tell if the USD is weakening or strengthening because the movement of price also depends on NZD. The following is not perfect – it’s what I do. I would compare NZDUSD toRead More

In a good and difficult week

Only occasionally I share results of my trades. This week has been an important success in the lead up to the BREXIT referendum. The markets have been wild, to say the least. But in trading we like ‘wild’. I’ve used the ‘stealth trading system’ – and this last week was a pretty good test, playing 30min to 1H time frames. The wildest ride I ever had was with GBPCAD today 17th June 2016. See below. I kept myRead More